The 5-Sense Aesthetics for Your Health & Beauty

Appearance – Taste – Smell – Sound – Touch


At Siam Thai Massage & Spa rooms are harmoniously combined modern architecture and cultural Thai theme. All your moments will be filled with its affinity, safety, relaxation and the Thai-cultural hospitalities. You will experience a new world as soon as you enter, and find complete serenity as you get massaged in our facilities.

You will certainly get a delightful taste of the refreshing variety of juices, cereals, and herbal nutrients specially provided for you.

The aromatic oil & fragrances will stimulate the endorphins to relieve the stress, anxiety and alleviate the daily pain that all of our bodies endure. The serotonin that keeps our physique tranquil and relaxed, Our facilities practice these aromatherapy treatments.

Surely your mind will become amazingly relieved and serene from the harmonious nature of water, motion, songbirds, and instrumental music.

A remarkable relaxation is taken through aroma oil massage in order to alleviate muscular tension, to restore your body’s natural state of comfort and to help regulate the functioning of lymph gland and blood circulation.

Additionally, massages by hands, fingers, or aqueous pressure also enormously relieve all of the tensions